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We are an independent family run practice believing in High Quality Care and personal service. Our practitioners regularly attend continuing education courses and are involved in clinical research and teaching.

We will be pleased to offer advice on all your eye care needs and will not rush you. Our staff are very customer friendly. We are happy to see people with disabilities and have an induction loop for the hard of hearing.

Whilst we have a wide range of frames to suit all budgets, we are happy to supply lenses to your own frame as long as it is in acceptable condition.
Lethuy Tanya Nguyen, O.D.

Lethuy Tanya Nguyen, O.D.

Dr. Lethuy Tanya Nguyen, known to her patients as Dr. L.T. or Dr. Tanya, has been practicing Optometry for almost 25 years. Upon graduating from Optometry school, she opened a solo practice in Westminster, CA where she worked for 15 years. There was a high demand for vision care among the patient population in the area and her practice quickly became a huge success in the community. In 2003, Dr. Nguyen opened another location in Irvine, CA to be near her growing children. At the time,

her 3 sons were ages 8, 5, and 6 months and her priority was to balance her time with work and family. During lunch, she would volunteer her time at her kids’ elementary school because she felt that, as a parent, it was important for her to contribute time to their education. She continued to enjoy Optometry for another 4 years in her neighborhood and then sold both practices to join an Ophthalmologist group in Diamond Bar and Chino. Practicing as an Optometric physician was challenging but very rewarding. Dr. Nguyen was very passionate about helping patients with deteriorating vision maintain their sight. During this time, she joined Southern California College of Optometry as a part-time associate professor. Wanting to share all of the experiences of both Optometry and Ophthalmology, she has recently joined Aliso Hills Optometric Group. Dr. Nguyen grew up in and has lived in Irvine for almost 40 years and it has always been her dream to practice near her home. She is a true OC girl, having attended school in Irvine from elementary school all the way through undergrad at UC Irvine. She also stayed in Southern California after college and attended the Southern California College of Optometry. During her free time she likes to unwind by reading, enjoying coffee or tea, walking, and jogging. Her most recent accomplishment was completing the Beach Cities challenge by running the Surf City Marathon, OC Marathon, and the Long Beach Marathon. Prior to participating in these marathons, Dr. Nguyen had never ran. However, training with a small group of women over 40 helped keep her inspired, and every one of the women in the group completed the challenge. She is looking forward to retiring with the Aliso Hills Optometric Group and continuing to challenge herself.